The Family-size Masala Dosa at R. K. Dosa Camp

The Family-size Masala Dosa at R. K. Dosa Camp

When I learned about the family dosa at RK Dosa Camp in Bangalore, I knew I had to go eat there on my next visit to India. How can I claim to be a masala dosa lover if I haven’t tried a 6-feet version of it?!

(For those who’re not familiar with dosa – it’s a fermented crepe made from rice batter and black lentils. It is a staple dish in South Indian states – and absolutely fantastic. The masala refers to the stir fried potato mixture served on the side) 

The opportunity to visit came when we traveled to my husband’s parents home in Bangalore last month. Seeing how hyped I was, my husband and his parents agreed to come with me to this dosa spot (a spot neither their friends or they had previously heard of).

The location was only a 15 minutes drive from the famous Lalbagh Gardens in Bangalore city, but if we had not seen the location on Zomato (the Yelp equivalent in India), we would never have guessed that it existed.

Walking up to it, this food canteen looked like the perfect neighborhood spot. There were no frills such as dining rooms, drink menu, or air conditioning – their goal was to make dosas and by the number of locals around – I could tell they did it well!


I was lucky that my awesome mother-in-law knew how to speak in kannada (the state language of Karnataka). She went up to the manager and expressed our interest in getting a family dosa, and asked if we could take a video of the process. He graciously agreed.

The team quickly wrapped up all the previous orders.

Before we knew it, it was time for the family dosa!

The gentleman making the dosa seemed a bit nervous, most likely due to the gaping family standing in front of him recording his entire process.

Nevertheless, he remained completely focused and we watched as the family dosa slowly took form in front of us.


Ta-da! It’s done – how awesome does this look?!

Moving it over to the high table nearby was quite a process as well. They laid out up to 6 plates with banana leaves, one of the servers balanced the dosa on two plates, and it was finally slid into the row of plates on the table.

We were given all the potato masala on the side – it would have been impossible to have it on the inside like a regular masala dosa. There was plenty of coconut chutney, mango chutney, and sambar as well.

Finally, the founder of R. K. Dosa Camp came over, thanked us for coming by and took a picture with my husband and mother-in-law!


There are no pictures of us completely obliterating the dosa, since I was way too occupied eating… but you can believe me when I say it was DELICIOUS!

Here is the video of the entire dosa-making sequence 🙂

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