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AerielJuly 4th, 2018

I got Jacob’s contact through a friend in Singapore who traveled to Kerala numerous times and engaged his services. This trip would not be possible without Jacob’s help. So far for all the travelling in SEA & Europe, we make arrangement ourselves. But for this trip, we almost gave up as research for accommodations and sightseeing’s were mixed and confusing. With Jacob’s help, we had everything arranged within 2 weeks! We have a wonderful 1st trip in India. I have not met any travel agent personnel who cares about your trip as much you do, Jacob made effort to call and check if everything was OK when we were there couple of times. His staff at Cochin office came by to say hello and gather feedback when our driver went to pick up some document. Jacob also followed up again after the trip via email – this personal service is commendable! Thank-you Jacob and his team!


LillianJuly 4th, 2018

Javian Travels proved to be essential for our recent trip to the south of India. We booked a private driver and hotel stays through the company, and everything surpassed our expectations.

With a warm welcome, our driver greeted us at our point of arrival with a clean, comfortable, and cool SUV. The driver was punctual, respectful, and responsive to our inquiries as to what we should do to make the best of our time.

With his help, and extensive knowledge of and contacts in the region, we were able to take advantage of Kerala’s attractions, much more so than would have been possible on our own. The hotels were both safe and comfortable, as was the trip on the whole.

We would highly recommend utilizing the professional services of Javian to book your next tour in India!


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