Known as God’s own country, the state of Kerala is filled with lush greenery and breathtaking views. Depending on the region, you could be traveling in a jeep within a jungle or a riverboat through backwaters.

Located in the southwestern tip of India, Kerala has beckoned travelers for centuries with the fruits of it's fertile land. Chinese visitors, Portuguese traders, Jewish settlers, Syrian Christians and Muslim merchants have all come and left it's influence on this state, and spread the stories of it's beauty - leading it to be known as God's own country. While traveling through the backwaters along the coast is a journey through coconut groves, and rice paddies, a trip into the inner regions will bring you to rich spice gardens, hilltops covered in tea plantations and tree-houses in jungles.
Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts

Kerala is the first state in India to reach a 100% literacy rate. Kerala has a very unique mix of religions. The last two Census of India figures reported 56% of residents as Hindus, 24% as Muslims, 19% as Christians, and the remaining 1% as other religions. The explorer Vasco da Gama was initially buried in Fort Kochi, Kerala upon his death in 1524. But 15 years later, his remains were returned to Portugal.

Best time to visit

October - February

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Languages Spoken

English, Malayalam, Tamil

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There is nothing more exquisite and relaxing than spending half a day, overnight or more floating down Kerala’s scenic backwaters and lagoons on a charming house-boat. The experience is further enhanced with well stocked chilled beer and the on-board chefs that cook up fresh local Kerala delicacies including the classic Kerala Parotta and Meen pollichathu.

The Kerala Backwaters

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