Home of the fast growing city of Bangalore, Karnataka is a rich mix of metropolis, historical sites, beautiful temples, cathedrals and hill stations.

Karnataka is famous for its mix of styles and influence. One can get the modern metropolis feel from its capital ‘Bengaluru’, a fast-growing energetic city, dubbed the 'Silicon valley' of India for its rapidly growing IT industry. There are also historical wonders such as the archaeological remains at Hampi, a UN world heritage site, and the royal city of Mysore among others.
Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts

80 Kms from Mysore is one of the oldest Tiger reserve sanctuaries in India, Bandipur. Bangalore is the leader in India's emerging craft beer scene

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Kannada, English, Hindi, Tulu, Broken Tamil, Konkani

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Spanning the Kodagu and Mysore districts and covering a whopping 248 square miles (643 sq Km) is the Nagarhole National Park. This protected reserve that is house to Karnataka’s wildlife including tigers, leopards, elephants and bisons has dense forest covers, waterfalls, streams, hills and valleys making it a perfect home for them. Outside of the monsoon and mating season, the forest department organizes daily safaris for visitors to marvel at natures beauty. Lodging is also available.

Nagarhole National Park

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