Our Story

Our Story


Having always loved international travel, our family has often been the go-to for planning trips in and around India. Recently, we hosted our first wedding in the family in Bangalore, and found ourselves helping our friends from various parts of the globe, with itinerary planning and travel tips. It soon became apparent to us that helping the modern traveler have a fantastic experience traveling to these exotic destinations was our true passion.

Travel planning shouldn’t be stressful or tedious, which is why we’re fueling our passion for travel and our collective background in the service and logistics industries to launch Javian with these guiding principles:


Beautiful Trips for a Beautiful Country


Even though many foreigners find “backpacking” and “impromptu” trips through India more difficult than other popular destinations, travel planning to this beautiful country shouldn’t be painful. Our website is focused on bringing you personally curated content of the featured destinations of India so that you’re able to get a quick and effective outline of the country and it’s highlights.


Well Planned Itineraries


After a long journey to India, the last thing you want to worry about are your travel logistics. We’ll do the leg work so your holiday is exactly that – a worry-free holiday, and not a headache.


Unwavering Support


Whether you request additional research, itinerary planning, or support during the trip, we’re available to any traveler interested in visiting India or within South Asia!