Top 5 places to celebrate the Diwali Festival in India

Top 5 places to celebrate the Diwali Festival in India

Diwali, the most celebrated festival in India, brings out vibrancy all over the country. There’s no way to sleep through Diwali because of the canopy of beautiful colorful lighting crackers all over the country. However, to witness the best of the celebration you need to know the top places to visit.

1. Jaipur

The royal way of celebration is no hidden stuff of Jaipur. The ‘Pink City’ of India, holds ancient stories in the walls of its palaces. I love the way the essence of royalty is portrayed in this city during Diwali.

 Hawa Mahal on Diwali ( Image Source )

Hawa Mahal on Diwali (Image Source)

2. New Delhi

Starting from the food to the nightlife of Haus-Khas village, everything is special in New Delhi. The capital of the country dresses up like a newly-wed bride every year during Diwali. You don’t have a starting point, and you don’t have a stopping point.

 ( Image Source )

3. Goa

When you are in India, you must be acquainted with the destruction of demons during festivals. Similarly in Goa, you witness the act of destruction of the demon Narakasura by Krishna. The famous act takes place during the time of Diwali. Moreover, the sea and the crackers is a mesmerizing combo all together. Do not forget to try the particular cuisine there during the period. The buffets are filled with exotic dishes.

 Beach in Goa ( Image Source )

Beach in Goa (Image Source)

4. Varanasi

The experience of Varanasi can only be described as royal. The ethnicity flowing beside the river Ganges is purely sensational. The hotels should be booked before reporting for an amazing experience beside the riverside.

 ( Image Source )

5. Amritsar

When in Amritsar, the Golden Temple stuns you. The deal is the best thing especially when it is Diwali. The lovely Punjabi cuisine with some Bhangra here and there makes your holiday an amazing experience.

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