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Recommended Sights - Our Top Pick!

Kanyakumari fondly known as the ‘Cape’ is the southernmost tip of Peninsular India. In addition to the famous pilgrim center, the Cape offers beautiful stretches of beaches and tons of adventure activities like hiking, biking, swimming and surfing. Furthermore, being able to witness magical sunrises and sunsets at the tip of India where the 3 seas (Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean) meet, makes the Cape our Top Pick for Tamil Nadu.

A beacon of conservation for these crocodiles, the Madras crocodile Bank trust and centre for Herpetology allows adults to volunteer and gain hands-on experience in the field.

A melange of French and Tamil vibes, the French Quarter by the seaside is a series of cobble stone streets that lead to bustling bazaars.

One of the classics in this area is the botanical gardens of Ooty featuring different types of plant life.

The Classics

Recommended Sights - Our Top Pick!

As one of India's oldest cities, the Sri Meenakshi temple is an important cultural and religious landmark. The highest vantage point in Ooty and one of the highest peaks in South India with the views of the Eastern and Western Ghats at its throes.
Located by the Avalanche Lake which is around 28Kms from Ooty, this hatchery is off the beaten path and perfect for visitors looking for a peaceful time and even engaging themselves in some trout fishing. You may be stopped by Forest officials along the way to ensure you do not mean any harm to these protected areas.

Off The Beaten Path

Recommended Sights - Our Top Pick!

An Heritage Craft village to preserve the traditional South Indian ways of life