Amazing Images from International Yoga Day 2016!

Amazing Images from International Yoga Day 2016!

This week on June 21st was the 2nd annual celebration of International Yoga Day! 

It was a great demonstration of how this ancient Indian discipline is gaining new followers every day. Yoga is growing in popularity around the world for it’s physical, mental, spiritual, and social benefits. 

Here are 10 different places around the world where wonderful large practices happened for International Yoga Day celebrations. 

1. Chandigarh, India

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, shared this image of the main event at Chandigarh’s Capitol Complex in India

2. Milan, Italy

Yoga fans gathered in Arco della Pace (“Arch of Peace”) of Porta Sempione (“Simplon Gate”) city gate in Milan, Italy

3. Vancouver, Canada

Canadian athletic apparel retailer, Lululemon, leads this group at their “Om the Pier” event

4. Himalayan Mountains

The Indian Army celebrated International Yoga Day at the Siachen Glacier, situated at the height of over 20,000 feet!

5. Indianapolis, USA

Monumental Yoga attracted around 2,000 participants at Monumental Circle in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana

6. New York, USA

New York City had multiple IYD2016 events. What could be more iconic than practicing yoga in the middle of Times Square – New York City! 

At the same time, an additional 400 people participated in the event at Bryant Park in New York City.

7. Mumbai, India

Yoga was done by these handsome fleet sailors & officers at the Gateway of India in Mumbai. 

Yoga by the fleet sailors & officers at the Gateway of India in Mumbai, ahead of #IYD2016

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Yoga by the fleet sailors & officers at the Gateway of India in Mumbai, ahead of

8. Sydney, Australia

Yogis gathered around this beautiful Sydney Opera House backdrop in Australia as well.

9. Angor Wat, Cambodia

It was even celebrated at the magnificent Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia – the largest religious monument in the world

10. Beijing, China

Let’s wrap up with this stunning image from the glass sightseeing platform in Shilinxia scenic spot at Pinggu District of Beijing

It’s hard to believe it’s only the second year – what will next year look like?!


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