8 Easy Tips to Know before traveling to Sri Lanka

8 Easy Tips to Know before traveling to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a land of terraced tea plantations and wild jungles. Elephants and leopards, whales and monkeys, friendly people and incredible food. In spite having wondrous things to offer, Sri Lanka often gets overshadowed by Maldives and India. So I’ve come up with ways you can travel to Sri Lanka without having to dip into the piggy bank. That way you can get to see and experience this marvelous teardrop-shaped island off the bottom of India on a reasonable budget.

#1 Buy Bottled Water for Drinking

You are going to be walking a lot in Sri Lanka so be prepared with bottled water because tap water isn’t safe. This way you can save on water costs in restaurants. Make sure that the bottle carries an SLS certification and that the seal is broken only in your presence.

#2 Carry Cash

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Sri Lanka is primarily a cash-based economy, as such you will find very few credit card facilities in and around the area. Carrying around money is essential, especially small bills. Expect a daily budget of $30-$50 per person on accommodation, food, drinks and transport.

My tip would be to carry around $50 dollars so you neither overspend nor use up all of your money. If there is any excess, you can always use it the next day.

Carrying small bills would be much appreciated by the local vendors as they would not be able to break change if you give them a 5000 rupees or larger note.

#3 Take advantage of affordable transportation

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uses or the famous tuk-tuks are a-plenty and rather inexpensive to move around the island when compared to taxis. Make use of them like the locals. If you’re traveling with a companion and just don’t feel like using public transport, another option is to rent a motorbike or scooter inexpensively for the duration of your stay!

#4 Find local spots for delicious food

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Sri Lanka is known for its food diversity and those akin to spices! To taste the best of the cuisine, make sure to hit up all the local spots by looking for the crowded restaurants AND street stalls.

Expect a fusion of different tastes owing to their range of spices that would make your taste buds sizzle. From rice and flavorful curries to ‘lamprais‘, a traditional meat and rice dish baked in a banana leaf, to crunchy ‘papadums‘ – you’ll find it all at reasonable rates!

#5 Be friendly with the locals

The Locals here are some of the warmest and friendliest bunch you’ll meet, so don’t be afraid to go over and talk to them if you need anything. Language is usually not a problem as most of them can speak English or know at least the basics and will try to help you.

This would be wiser than using a map in one of the tuk-tuks, ending up lost, and unnecessarily adding to your expenses 🙁 Just ask for help!

#6 Staying Connected with a local SIM

Sharing frequent updates to your loved ones back home is often expected. We recommend getting a local SIM which will cost next to nothing as compared to the craziness of international roaming! Coverage is good locally, and the plans are reasonable. WiFi is also available in most places.

#7 Be prepared for the heat

Pack travel-size sunscreen, a hat, walking shoes and a rain jacket to keep you protected against Sri Lanka’s diverse weather.

#8 Enjoy the beach!!!

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Sri Lanka’s beach destination is taking over as the next ‘Bali‘, so why not lounge on the many breath-taking beaches along the coast – it’s fun & free! There are also food vendors, clothes, and accessory shacks on the beach in case you’re hungry or need a change of clothes.

There’s plenty to do in this beautiful country and we can experience without going broke! Happy Travels. 


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