A Note from the Founders

It’s been a dream of many years to have our own Travel company. Each time a friend or family had gone to South Asia, we’ve explored how tourism has transformed in the different regions, and discussed how to improve their experience. We’re blessed to finally be able to launch Javian Travels!

We’ve worked tirelessly to make the site an exciting and exploratory journey through India. Right now, the six states of Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa, and Kerala are on the website. In a country of 29 states and 7 union territories, all diverse and unique, we understand that six is just a mere tip of the destinations available. We’ll be sure to collect research and collate the results to add more content to our site in the upcoming year.

The research on our website is only one part of our trio of services. We’re just as excited about assisting travelers with itinerary planning, and booking travel packages! Our itinerary planning and travel packages are already available for all across India.  Since the whole of South Asia is our goal, we look forward to expanding to other countries as well (Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives, etc. – all irresistible!). We’ll be sure to update on our blog when the first Javian package is booked!

Thank you for all the great support thus far! So exciting that we’ve crossed the 100 likes mark on Facebook within the first day of launch, and slowly gaining support on Twitter & Tumblr as well! Keep the feedback coming & let your friends know about Javian!!

7 Inspiring places to check out in India this year

With over 20 official languages, 1600 dialects spoken, and thousands of religious beliefs, India is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Located in South Asia, this destination has so many hidden gems that will dazzle your eyes, spice up your spirit and calm your heart.

So take a trip down some of these non-mainstream but note-worthy places with Javian –


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The wild falls of Athirapilly located in the Thrissur district of the state of Kerala have a calmness to it that will get you meditating. The scenic beauty here will make your heart skip a beat, or two! Let nature enchant its magical spell to take your worries away when you visit – did someone say ‘Aguamenti’? (Harry Potter fans can relate..)



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Love the Himalayas or high altitudes? Well, what about relaxing by the scenic lake that extends from India all the way to China. Located in Leh & Ladakh in the North of India – this salty but clean lake with the blue sky clearly visible is a sight to behold and quite tranquil. Wanting to bring out your inner ‘love pray eat‘? This place melds land, mountain, air and water, making you believe that even nature can speak and flaunt its beauty. So add this to your little black book, now.


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Located in the Northern portion of Andaman & Nicobar Islands is a flat fertile land with some cliffs at the boundary. Surrounded by the roaring sea, this flat and fertile land and is home to many coconut trees and rich in flora and fauna species. The perfect solution to the quick escape from our stressful lives. This little place in the Andamans steals our heart. So find a nice spot on the beach, pull the straw-hat on and listen to the waves hitting the rocks while your thoughts melt away.


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Nothing like a blast to the past – roughly 30000 years to be precise. The Rock shelters located in Madhya Pradesh depicts the first ever existence of human civilization in India – the South Asian stone age if you will. Gigantic rock like shelters with paintings on the rocks dating back to the Mesolithic period indicated the first humans in the sub-continent. Fittingly, this place has also been declared a world heritage by UNESCO. Special shout out to the history buffs!


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Move aside, Chai Latte. Discover the agriculturally enriched side of India here. The land of Wayanad is fertile enough to grow various spices and brews. Rich Tea, coffee, pepper, ginger are just some of the crops which grow here and makes Indian food and beverage special and unique. Hard working farmers work day and night to ensure the proper growth of these spices and that the hills stay lush green. Oh and leave your Instagram filters behind when you get here – you will not need it.


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Holy smokes Batman! Our next feature takes us to the state of Orissa, to the Udayagiri and Khandagiri caves which symbolize the origin of ‘Jainism’. These historical cave structures built with rock-cut architecture is the perfect blend of handicraft art, religion, beauty, and sacredness.


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Moving further Northeast to Assam – we’ll find the largest river island on earth, named Majauli. Also on UNESCO’s world heritage list, this destination preserves items of cultural significance which date back hundreds of years.


There you go, hope we were able to add to your ever burgeoning bucket list. Peace & Happy Travels!